MUDr. Marie Duřpektová

- in Allergology and Clinical Immunology
- in paediatric medicine

- graduated in 1976
- in 1980 certification of the first degree in paediatrics
- in 1984 attestation of the second degree in paediatrics
- in 1996 certification in allergology and clinical immunology

- private practice since 1993
- communication in English and German


MUDr. Marie Poláková, PhD

- M.D., Ph.D., obtained her Doctoral Degree in 2009
in the specialty of Paediatrics, the academic degree of PhD
- in 2015 attestation in Pediatrics
- in 2020 certification in Allergy and Clinical Immunology
- Communication in English



Kristýna Drápalová, DiS and Monika Rosecká